Month: March 2018

Add an experience layer to your product

Appcues is something amazing, it’s like a layer that you easily introduce on top of your product and helps you increase product adoption. Like a User onboarding “wizard” but not that one you remember from Microsoft old days, a great one!

Build world-class dashboards

Use Klipfolio if you are looking to create dashboards using data from 100s of services, excellent tool for any entrepreneur.

Startup advice from World Class Experts

Try Clarity if you need to receive a professional advice from an expert about business strategy, online marketing, user onboarding, legal or taxes structuring, etc. Excellent solution to have a quick chat with an expert and validate or confront your thoughts.  

Setup Viral Contests In Minutes

Try KickoffLabs and “quickly and easily setup an email lead generating machine with pre-built landing pages, refer a friend tracking, and email automation designed to help you go viral!”

Landing Pages fast and easy

Create and manage with Unbounce your Landing Pages, run experiments and drive more leads and revenue.

Improve your english writing skill

Try Grammarly if you need to improve your English writing level, an excellent tool (Chrome plugin) that corrects and suggests better English formulations.

Your cap table in the cloud

Use Capshare and “eliminate time-consuming paperwork and calculations so you can make smarter equity decisions”, have your cap table in the cloud.